ASEA REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nancy Walker

Nancy Walker: Have you ever had the kind of day where you just feel crabby? You feel like if anyone speaks to you, you're going to chop off their head. I had a day like that and I was so crabby with my husband and there was no particular reason for it. I just could not control it.

Nancy Walker: So what I did was drink a REDOXMood. I thought, OK, if it's ever gonna help now is when I need help, I drank the REDOXMood and I immediately felt a shift. I felt more calm, more open, more controlled and I'll never forget that big shift. And I go to, I reach for my REDOXMood a couple of times a day if I need to. I just, I know it's there for me and it really helps calm me down.

Nancy Walker: I am a person who has a lot of nervous energy and I know, some people are going to relate to this inside of me. I feel this nervous, anxious sort of fearful, mood come over me at times for no apparent reason. And when I feel that way, I drink a Mood and I really prefer it kind of warm. It's really good, like a tea. I drink one every single night, but sometimes I drink it twice a day. If I ever feel that nervous energy welling up inside of me making me uneasy and fearful. I go to my REDOXMood.

Nancy Walker: I get immediate help, an immediate change. I just calm down and I'm able to focus. I love it.

Nancy Walker: You know, emotionally when you feel out of control or you feel fearful, it's really hard to focus on what you want to accomplish in a day and you feel vulnerable. Well, now that I know the REDOX mood helps me I feel so much more confident and, and positive when I start my day, I know that I can face anything. And if I, I feel the fear welling

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