ASEA REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Farley

Mary Farley: I like most people in the world have anxiety and stress often common. I think all of us do and something really cool about the ASEA Mood drink that I've noticed is an overall improvement in my stress management along with my anxiety management that the more often I take it, I find that those days, I mean, I don't, my anxiety and stress isn't necessarily go away, but I feel like I'm more open to it. I'm OK with it. I allow it to kind of sit with me instead of trying to constantly push it out.

Mary Farley: I feel like the days that I drink mood in the morning, I feel more at peace. I feel more calm. I don't feel as on edge. And so helps again, emotional state helps me to have a more positive outlook, helps me to not be. So, I mean, up tight, I guess you could say or easy to frustrate, easy to stress, easy to excite. I just feel overall calmness.

Mary Farley: I've been able to maintain a more positive mindset.

Mary Farley: I do have

Mary Farley: a overall improvement in the way that I handle and maintain my anxiety or stress, which again helps with that positive mindset. It helps me be at peace. I'm not so focused on the negative things in life. I'm not so focused about my worries or my daily stresses, but I can more pay attention to the good things happening because those negative feelings or anxieties aren't so prevalent.

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