ASEA Redox Clay Mask

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Liz Clark part 2

Liz C.: I wanna tell you about this product. This is the REDOX Clay Mask. I've been using this one for 3.5 months and I am very, very impressed. It's perhaps my favorite product. I use it at least twice a week. Ideally every other day during the night.

Liz C.: This product alone has taken my skincare routine up to the next level.

Liz C.: It's pretty much going to lay the perfect foundation for you to use the rest of the skincare products

Liz C.: I noticed that after two or three applications, three times applying it,

Liz C.: I would have my makeup on and I would just make my facial movements that I make every day and I would notice something different. My face felt different like if I had gone and done a treatment at the spa salon. So this was just the sensation that this product was giving me even after the fact, after using it. So imagine what this product can do for you as you incorporate this into your skincare routine at least twice a week. So go for it.

Liz C.: So I just removed my makeup and used this product the foaming cleanser to remove everything that I had on my face, except my eyeliner. I'm going to apply this clay mask and this is how it looks. And I don't think that you need more than that. So it is not watery as you can see and it's not too thick either. It's actually very creamy. So you can use your fingers to apply it and it is very easy to apply.

Liz Clark part 2 : I think that I'm going to do a little thicker layer in here

Liz Clark part 2 : After 10 minutes it's all dry, no messes, no irritations.

Liz Clark part 2 : Like you can see it's hard to move my face because it really gives you this amazing lifting effect.

Liz Clark part 2 : It must be that it did something for your skin.

Liz Clark part 2 : I'm gonna go ahead and remove. I like to wash my face under the water, but I just gonna remove it. So you can see it. Look.

Liz Clark part 2 : My skin feels so soft, soft, fresh. It feels hydrated.

Liz Clark part 2 : I just removed most of the clay mask off my face.

Liz Clark part 2 : I didn't use it on my neck this time around, but I usually like to do it, but I'm almost out of it. Look at this. I use it a lot because I love it.

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