ASEA REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda L.

Linda L.: After work when I get back home, I'm usually still thinking about tasks or projects from the day. So my favorite way to unwind and destress is by taking a drink of my Cell Performance REDOXMood.

Linda L.: I've been helping to plan an international wedding. So there's a lot of high emotions and some frustrations in the long planning process. So I kind of like to start with a clean slate and usually take a drink of REDOXMood before any work gets done or more in the planning process.

Linda L.: REDOXMood has been so great overall because although it may be situational that you have stressors, or some challenges in your emotions or whatever else, I think it helps to kind of balance out so you can think a little bit more clearly and know that in those future situations or days that are difficult that you've overcome it already. And so I think it helps with your mindset to stay positive and to move forward, it's a really, really great support for your body naturally to be able to be a little bit more resilient to some of those stressors, day to day.

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