ASEA Redox Clay Mask Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lilli

Lilli: Hi, I'm Lilli. I'm actually an employee here at Asea. And, yeah, one of my favorite products is actually the Clay mask. I mean, I love all of our skin care line. Right. But the clay mask in particular, and since it's released I have noticed my skin's been a bit softer and as somebody with weirdly dry skin with some, a little too much oil, like right here, it helps with both of those. Ironically enough. especially applying the RENU28 I can tell you after, like the second or third time I tried this on, my girlfriend actually asked me if I was wearing makeup because of how great my skin looks and it's a little flattery. But no, I wasn't, it was just, you know, the clay mask.

Lilli: Yeah. As for the claim, I like not, not to sound like a saleswoman, but the reason it's as great as it is, I've tried a few clay masks or not clay masks. Yeah, clay masks, charcoal masks. What have you in my time? But none of them really works quite as well. And most of that's due in thanks to the redox signaling cells in it. Compared to the the RENU28. It's still amazing and it's a really using this to supplement my usual skincare routine has helped me a ton because it's helped my face. Just feel, I don't know. It, it's, it's amazing. I just love how it feels on, on me. I love how it complements the rest of the skin care line just perfectly. I'll apply this, cleanse my face RENU28 apply the rest and I was just, I feel like I look better. I mean, based on the compliments I get from coworkers from friends, I'm willing to assume it does make me look better. So

Lilli: As for the ingredients, I mean, outside, I'm also being similar to what you'd find in the RENU28 as it would make sense considering they're surprisingly similar. The bentonite in the product is, I mean, the key selling point, the key reason to take the product, I've never tried a bentonite clay mask before, but just based on this. I, well, I mean, I'm not gonna use anything else but this one, but I really love the ingredient in there. It really, it helps just pull all the oil out. And as I mentioned, my previous one mixture of oily mixture of dry, but it doesn't dry out my face at the same time. And that's probably my favorite aspect of the ingredients.

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