Redox Clay Mask Experience

January 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kaycee C.

Kaycee C.: My name is Kaycee Clark and I'm using the ASEA Redox Clay face mask. And when you wash it off, it's like a gentle exfoliator. So my skin will always be looking so smooth, like a filter. And it's honestly one of my favorite products. I only use it like two times a week and I keep it on for like five minutes, which is the perfect time to do its job. It's like magic.

Kaycee C.: So I currently have the mask on right now. And for me personally, after I use this product, it literally will make my skin feel healthier and stronger.

Kaycee C.: You can definitely see a change after you use this product frequently.

Kaycee C.: So it's almost time to take off my mask. And after I do that, I always notice that my face will have this glow to it and it'll just look stronger. It'll lift my face. I'm honestly in love with it.

Kaycee C.: The redox clay face mask doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Like yeah, it'll dry and like pull my skin up more, but it honestly feels like it's strengthened my face even while it's on.

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