ASEA Redox Supplement Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Hello. I began drinking the ASEA Redox supplement, because a friend had recommended it to me. I also had some other friends that had some good results with it on various different, things that they were dealing with health wise. I don't have a lot of health issue, but what I do do is I work out frequently. I usually do about two hours in the weight room every day. and then on the weekends I do some cardio on and cycling as well. and so obviously that can create a lot of lactic acid and a lot of, soreness in the, in the muscles and joints and so forth. So, what I did is I decided that I would use that based off of some of the recommendations for my friends. and so I drink about eight ounces a day, four in the morning and then I'll drink, the other four throughout the day. What I found is that, some of that soreness and that I have in my body goes away quicker, and it allows me to get back into the gym faster and that is why I absolutely love ASEA redox.

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