ASEA REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Eric Raymond

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eric Raymond

Eric Raymond: I love REDOXMood because it's one of the few natural products I've ever taken where I feel an almost immediate boost from it. It's absolutely amazing. I take it and I feel a sense of calmness, but at the same time, it's kind of almost like a little bit of happiness inside and that's really exciting. So it definitely helps manage my stress. And the other nice thing is that it benefits me from a sleep perspective

Eric Raymond: REDOXMood is an amazing product because it definitely enhances my emotional state and gives me peace and calm whenever I'm in a stressful situation or have an upcoming project deadline where I need to really focus and not worry about the things that really don't matter. And so it just gives you an overall sense of well being and calm that I love.

Eric Raymond: I think one of the ways that redox mood supports my emotional resilience, honestly is the fact that it gives me such a calming deep sleep. And I don't sit there at night having, you know, wondering what's gonna, what my day is going to look like the next day or stressing about anything. I just fall right into a deep sleep and the next day I wake up ready to hit the day. And so that's a great feeling.

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