ASEA REDOXRadiance Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth C.: My hair has never felt and looked this good. I've been drinking the REDOXRadiance for two months now and my hair was the first place. where I noticed it.

Elizabeth C.: I have been growing more hair.

Elizabeth C.: my hair even though it's a little damaged because as you can see, I treat my hair, you know, I did a beautiful balayage that needs to be retouched by the way. I treat it with heated products.

Elizabeth C.: It looks healthy and all this is thanks to the REDOXRadiance radiance that I've been drinking.

Elizabeth C.: I've growing a lot of hair lately. And, I am so excited I will be able

Elizabeth C.: to do ponytails like I used to before.

Elizabeth C.: My nails

Elizabeth C.: are not breaking so they are very resistant and they're growing faster.

Elizabeth C.: I used to go and have them redone every four weeks. But now I feel like I have to go every three weeks to have them done because my nails are growing so fast. Also,

Elizabeth C.: my lashes

Elizabeth C.: are lasting longer.

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