ASEA REDOXRadiance Experience

September 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eden Neff

Eden Neff: Since using Radiance, I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair, skin and nails. My nails are less brittle, they're stronger, they are growing faster. My hair has grown a lot faster and felt thicker and I feel like my skin is just healthier and, really seems to glow after I've been taking it for just a couple of weeks.

Eden Neff: I have definitely noticed my nails growing quickly. I've also noticed that my nails feel stronger, they feel less brittle. which is also a really big benefit.

Eden Neff: I love the ingredients in REDOXRadiance. In the last year, I've really gotten into clean eating and putting clean ingredients into my body. So whenever I'm eating something, I always really check the packaging diligently and I can say that the ingredients in REDOXRadiance are all extremely clean, healthy, good for your body.

Eden Neff: I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair thickness. In fact, I am four months postpartum. And as many women know when you have a baby, typically you lose a lot of hair.

Eden Neff: I've lost some hair as I entered that phase of postpartum. And the amazing thing about REDOXRadiance is that my hair still feels thick and full and has been growing faster than I've ever seen it grow before, which has been so awesome. Just given the fact that it's normal. It's a normal part of postpartum to lose hair, but to have the REDOXRadiance as a supplement to help mitigate the amount of hair that I'm losing and then also help my hair grow long. Has really been awesome.

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