Dr. David Silverman for ASEA Business opportunity

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. David Silverman

Dr. David Silverman: Hi, David Silverman here. Um, you know, I was initially attracted to a sea because of the product. When my friend Debbie Wexler brought this to me. My dad was ill and that was my sole motivation for looking into it. I always liked the concept of network marketing but was always disappointed and disillusioned and burned by it. So I didn't want to get involved with the opportunity. But after referring people to Debbie over weeks and months and them all coming back saying thank you, I finally got on a plane to go investigate the company itself. And once I met, uh, Vitis and Tyler and Chuck and Scott and everybody, I, I realized that this, this was the real deal. So how has this opportunity changed my life? How would it be different? Well, I was a foot surgeon. Um, and, uh, my first network marketing gig, uh, was bad. The second one was good for a while. I sold my practice when I was 39 because I love time freedom. I don't like routine. I'm just not a routine person. Well, I loved helping people surgically. It was every day was the same basic thing broken bones. Plantar fasciitis. That was the same thing. And I had no time freedom. So I loved the idea of time freedom and no routine. Um, and, um, the first network marketing company I was in, I got burned and I quit and I had sold my practice, didn't know what I wanted to do. I wanted to go back into practice. I got a job as a health consultant, didn't really like it. And that's when this was brought to me and I looked at it because my dad was ill, saw what it did. Went to meet Vertu. Tyler, everybody and said, I'm in, I'm doing this. How has it changed my life? Incredibly. I can't imagine going back to trading time for money. I can't go imagine going back to routine. This is so exciting. How has it changed my life? Time, freedom, money, freedom, total fulfillment, fun every day. And if I don't wanna work, I don't have to work. If I want to work, I do work. But the work is a joy. It, it's been a blessing. Not easy, not easy, but I decided to learn how to do this from the people who were already at the top and said, if they did it, I can do it and I can teach other people to do it well. It is as well. It is just an absolute blessing. Thank God Vertu. And Tyler did not sell this technology to the pharmaceutical company. And just walk away and take the money. Thank you, Vertu and Tyler.

Dr. David Silverman: You know, I've been sharing this with people for a long time and I shared it with a friend of mine who's a urologist. He was in Annapolis, Doctor Frank Malle Grana. And, uh, I called Frank four times about this. I got a little insistent and said, look, I care about you, you sit down with me and we're gonna talk, ok, it's really important. And back then we didn't have the gel. So if he was hurting, I couldn't just put this on three times in five minutes and watch his eyes light up. We only had the liquid back then. But, uh, he got on the product after four calls, we sat down, he got on the product and in two weeks he called me crying and he said, uh, he was probably about 60 something at that point. I didn't know this, but he had been filing for disability for his back. I didn't know it. He didn't tell me but two weeks in, he called me crying. I said, what's the matter? He said, David, I tied my shoes this morning and I said, ok, you tied your shoes because I didn't tell you. I was filing for disability because of a back problem and it was inoperable. I've been drinking this stuff and I tied my shoes. My six year old daughter, six year old daughter, yes. 60 years old with a six year old daughter. My six year old daughter had always tied my shoes and I tied my shoes myself. And my daughter, he said, my daughter's daddy, you tied your shoes and it's changed his life and he kept practicing to not to not leave. He's an amazing neurologist now. He's down in Florida. Um, but that's just one example of thousands, thousands and then through the ripple effect, there are thousands, tens of thousands. Just amazing. So I love being able to help people without any risk without the chance of hurting them. Just amazing. I always would say thank you, Vertu. Thank you Tyler for not selling out to the pharmaceutical company. Thank you.

Dr. David Silverman: The product is amazing. I am, I'll be 63 in a month. I feel like I'm 26 years old. You know, we can't make medical claims. I'm not claiming this cure as hell treats anything. But I don't take any medications. I play golf pretty much every day. We just took a run down to Florida in five days. I played seven rounds of golf in five days in 95 degree heat. You know, I couldn't have done that without this product. There's no way from the, the opportunity perspective. It's just, I say it all the time, you know, money doesn't make you happy. Money gives you choices and it makes you comfortable. Right? And it gives you security, but you make enough money and it comes while you sleep, it gives you a lot of choices and it gives you something that's, uh, so precious to me. Time, freedom, time, freedom can't put a price tag on that to have the time, freedom that I have. Uh, if I was still practicing at 62 I'm almost 63 I'd be in my office right now, you know, and I'm not, I, I don't have to work. If I want to work, I work. If I don't work, I don't wanna, I don't work. I will tell you that the work is a joy. So it's not like I say, oh gosh, I gotta go to work. I mean that sometimes I felt like that as a doctor going on my practice and the headaches with insurance and everything else and fighting traffic. It's just a AAA joy that helping people with this is joy because the person I'm talking to, if I can get through to them and they come and they educate themselves, the tools we have, they can pay it forward and they can tell people, they can tell people, they can tell people and I can impact lives on the other side of the planet which I have through this word of mouth mechanism, ripple effect. How has it impacted my life? Just time? Freedom, money, freedom, joy, fun, excitement, relationships, empowering other people. It's just amazing. It's work. It takes work to get there. I mean, take getting a jet plane off the ground, takes a lot of thrust and a lot of energy. But once it's up with just cruising and it's worth doing the work to get up in the air and cruise, I can tell you that again. I always thank Burtis Norton and Tyler Norton for not selling this, this gift for humanity, this product to the pharmaceutical company that wanted it and uh for creating this opportunity for people to be well and to live well. Thank you.

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