Dr. David Silverman for ARS

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. David Silverman

Dr. David Silverman: Back in December of 2010, my friend Debbie Wetzler brought me this gift and it was the only product the company had at that point. And the only reason I looked at it seriously was my dad was not, well, it wasn't for me. It wasn't until several weeks later that I got on the product and my in, I wasn't sick. I was 50 years old at the time. I'm 60 almost 63. Now, um, the note, what I noticed was just more energy, clear, mind, better focus. I've always had an issue with attention. Always my whole life, even through college and, and medical school, pediatric, medical school. I noticed all that and what made me realize that it wasn't a placebo was my fingernails. Um, uh, my fingernails, um, I had a split and a fingernail that I, a woman had told me because we get caught on things and rip and bleed and she said, just put a little super glue on there and file it and it'll be OK. I always did that for many years. Um, about two months into drinking this. I, uh, I was clipping my nails and I noticed that the split was gone. And I thought all every this is a cellular health product, everything that sells, including the matrix, which is what made the nail matrix makes the nails and it hit me. This is not a placebo, that was my placebo busting uh experience. Everybody has their own placebo busting experiences, whether it's having to wear their glasses anymore or, or lab values or whatever, we don't make any medical claims, but people observe these things happen. Um, since then, so many things that was just my initial aha moment. Um, but this, I wouldn't go a day a day without this example. I, I was just in Asia, I was, I took 17 flights in 27 days. I didn't wanna be ill. We can't say this prevents anything, but I was drinking a bottle a day before I went when I was there. I couldn't afford to be sick because I'm speaking in front of all these people, thousands of people. And, um, and I was fine, just absolutely fine. Um, with this in me, I'm not concerned about things that the whole world gets freaked out about. I just, I'm just not, you know, I've, I've seen the science, I know the double blind study showing it turns genes back on that, turn off as we age. And, um, this, this, this is the most important product this company has, this could be considered the most important because it opens minds of people, you know, when they're hurting, they put this on three times in five minutes. Most people in 10 minutes are very shocked. Uh But it leads them to this. This is the gift for humanity, of all the products the company has. They're amazing this to me, this is the most important product I would, I would never ever be without this. Thank you, Tyler. Thank you, Vertu for not selling out to the pharmaceutical company. You've changed hundreds of thousands of lives, including mine, including my father's and everybody in our family. Thank you.

Dr. David Silverman: Well, I just wanna talk a little bit about energy levels. So I'll be 63 in a month. I feel like I'm 26. Um, I play golf every day. Um, sometimes I play two rounds in a day. Sometimes I play by myself and I'll play two rounds in three hours and I couldn't do it without this. I'm not an athlete. I am definitely not an athlete. I, I work out in my little gym here about 15 minutes three times a week. That's what I do. Um, but I feel like I'm 26 and I'm almost 63. I don't wanna feel like I'm 63. So I drink this. Uh, maybe when I'm 90 I wanna feel like I'm 63. But right now I love feeling like a kid. I absolutely love being a kid again and it's just one of the side benefits is the energy level is remarkable and sometimes it's four ounces a day for some people. I do eight ounces a day. Just a gift, an absolute gift.

Dr. David Silverman: I think I already covered this one.

Dr. David Silverman: Vitality, mental clarity and focus. So I have always had an attention issue my whole life. I don't know how I got through my, my biology degree, um and got through pediatric medical school with great grades. Um I compensated people that have attention issues, they have to compensate and I compensated. I, people highlight things in books. I highlighted everything and read it over and over again. I would read a, a paragraph and, or a couple sentences and say, oh, what did it? I have to go back. My, my mind wandered. Focus. Focus is amazing. Energy is amazing. Um, mental clarity, everything I would um when I start very, when I started, uh whenever I would speak on stage, if I didn't. Uh II, I, if I spoke on stage and for podia or whatever I was speaking about, um I could sometimes lose my thought and just kind of be like, have to just move on to the next thing here I can, I'm talking about something and it makes me think of this. And I go down here, I go down here, I go down here. I'm always amazed. I always come back. I get back to where I was, where before I couldn't do that. So I absolutely love, love this for, for my physical well-being, but also my, my mental well-being and focus. It's incredible.

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