Dr. David Silverman for ASEA RENU28 Revitalizing Gel Experience

September 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. David Silverman

Dr. David Silverman: Hi, David Silverman. Here background is, is foot surgery and I just wanted to share a couple of things regarding this redox gel one. I certainly love that I took before and after pictures using it, uh, of my skin. Um, the first aha moment I had when, when I, when they first came out with the gel in 2014 personally was I fell asleep in the sun the first day of the summer at the beach, I woke up and I was a lobster and uh I was supposed to go jet skiing with my daughter the next day I thought I'm not putting, I'm not gonna be able to put on a vest or sit in the sun and I, I just put this all over me and it is really remarkable next day. I let's just say I was jet skiing and I was fine. But what I really love about it is for people who are, who are, are struggling, they're hurting, you know, there, their neck, their back, their knee, I golf all the time and I don't want to be stopped by things that hurt. I'm, I'll be 63 in a few weeks here and I golf every day in the winter in, in our, in our place in Florida. But if I'm hurting, I just shake this up. I put it on three times in five minutes and in 10 minutes, most of the time I'm like, wow, if not, I just put it on six times in 20 minutes so I can put it. It's nontoxic. I can use it as much as I want. I love this gel. We can't make medical claims about it. But uh if someone's got a skin condition, I'm like, keep doing your medicines, just add this to your regimen and just watch what happens if it helps you. God bless you can't claim it's gonna help any diseases. But it is absolutely incredible. I love the gel because it's the mind opener. People that are, don't believe they put it on 10 people who are hurting, they put it on three times in five minutes in 10 minutes. They ask them how they feel. It's pretty amazing how many people say. Wow, how did it do that? I can't believe it. I love this gel.

Dr. David Silverman: Hey, redo signaling is fundamental in my life. My family's life for health, what this does on the inside, this does on the outside. And you know, cells are cells and skin is made up of cells. Every part of your body is made up of cells. And do I want younger cells on the outside of my body to help me look younger? Absolutely. Most people don't think I'm turning 63 next month. Um More importantly, it's what the redox molecules are doing on the inside of the body. So, absolutely, looking younger is great. It's just icing on the cake. Amazing.

Dr. David Silverman: One of the coolest things about this product that's considered an anti-aging product for the skin is, uh, let's just call it the soothing effect. If you're sore, you hear a little sore in the neck from working on the computer or something bad happened. You, you can't even move your neck. Uh, I love, I love what this does. Joints, muscles, whatever just rate the discomfort level on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being really bad. Shake up the gel and apply it to the area. This is a simple way to do it three times in five minutes. Watch what happens. Watch what happens to almost everybody, not everybody, almost everybody in just 10 minutes. It's remarkable. This stuff is not liquid gold, it's gel gold.

Dr. David Silverman: Has a whole skin care line for people that wanna look younger, look younger longer, right? Um And this is the core of it. This is remarkable just take before and after photographs like I did and watch what happens and you combine it with the whole skin care line and with the uh the redox radiance and with the clay mask, which is redox also absolutely amazing. This, this is the is the the keystone of the whole skin care line.

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