ASEA Redox Clay Mask Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Crystal Sansom

Crystal Sansom: This is the Redox Clay Mask that we have here at Asea. Comes in this cute little bottle. I really love having this product. You can take this with you. If you're traveling, it's only 1.7 ounces.

Crystal Sansom: Washing it off

Crystal Sansom: So with the clay mouse, there are a ton of benefits to this product.

Crystal Sansom: I feel a lot better when I use this product.

Crystal Sansom: a deep cleanse from this product. I feel like I'm getting the benefits for what this product is advertised as. and it really has helped the balance the overall balance in my skin and the tone.

Crystal Sansom: I really like the clay mask. Ingredients are simple, very straightforward, very healthy for your skin and for your body.

Crystal Sansom: It gives you kind of the perfect balance of getting the deep clean that you were looking for and feeling the smoothness and getting rid of everything on your skin. But also that the ingredients are pure and, and healthy for your skin as well and there's not a million things in it.

Crystal Sansom: Definitely give this a try and, hope you like it.

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