ASEA Redox Supplement Experience

August 24, 2023

Video Transcript

What made you decide to try ASEA REDOX and what results have you noticed that validate your decision?

Hey, hey, hey, what's going on? My name is Ricardo Wilkins. I am from Maryland and I've been taking a sea of red every day for the last 45 years. And I learned about it uh from two health professionals, they were having a conversation about all things health and they said a few things about a sea of red and that it helped quickly regenerate cells and it sounded amazing. So I started taking it just to be proactive to protect my health and uh about nine months into taking it, you know, just getting older, my workout recovery was becoming more and more problematic. I'd be very fatigued and sore after working out, which we're going to the next day. So I knew a lot of athletes and endurance athletes and professional athletes used to a redox for recovery and endurance. So I start, I added it to my before and after workout routine and it changed my life. I'm working, walking back from the gym now, always make sure I have my red with me. And I mean, I can't be more happier with how I good I feel after I work out sometimes I feel like, I didn't even work out. So that's my experience.

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