ASEA 2023 Global Corporate Convention Speakers

August 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scott Aldred

Scott Aldred: Hello, ASEA family. So great to be with you. Hey, Scott Aldred here joining you from my office at corporate. What a wonderful time of year as we prepare for our global convention. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. It's gonna be a great time. We've got a jammed packed, powerful agenda for you. Some product reviews, some new science, new tools, great messages, so be ready, be there and we'll see you

Scott Aldred: The theme this year for convention is powering potential, We Power Potential, all of you know what it means to have potential. The great thing about ASEA, our products, the company, is that that's truly our mission is to power the potential in one another. We have very unique product set. We talk about, you know, this powering of potential redox signaling, the transfer of electrons. And then on a personal basis to getting everyone to be the very, very best person that they can become, what a great opportunity we'll have to maximize this, be together and to power one another's potential.

Scott Aldred: So what will we see at convention? That's the question. Couple of things. You won't want to miss out on new, powerful tools to help build your business. Some review of some recently released products with some science behind that, a great lineup with the medical professional's board. So if you can make that, that will be great for you. Remember that presentation is the day before convention starts our regular general session. There's also gonna be maybe a sneak peek at some products. We'll give you some updates on different markets and when products are gonna be released, powerful speakers, powerful messages. And most of all that's gonna be important for convention is there's gonna be some dynamite product bundles for you to take advantage of these promotions there at convention.

Scott Aldred: So you may ask, why do we have a global convention? Biggest thing that we should remember is we are in the people business. So it's about making connections with your team, with others that are cross line or on other teams coming together, experiencing other cultures. Remember, this will be global. So we'll have visitors from all over the world, from our different markets. And it's really an opportunity for us at corporate to connect with you and to hear your stories. One of the things we challenge all of the corporate team when they go out to convention is get as many ASEA stories as you can. And that's really our point is to make the connection to make sure that everyone understands the vision of ASEA and that we can come together and be a force for good in the world. Hope to see you there. It's gonna be a great time. Thanks.

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