ASEA 2023 Global Convention Corporate Speakers

August 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ben Tyler, Chief Legal Officer

Ben Tyler: Hi, this is Ben Tyler with ASEA. I'm the chief legal officer. Have you ever wondered what you can or cannot say about our ASEA products and your own experience as you're talking to other people? Well, you are in luck because when you come to the convention, we have a breakout session that's designed specifically to answer that question.

Ben Tyler: One of the responsibilities I have in the company is to supervise our associate education and conduct department, which most people know is the compliance department. I know some of you had experiences with our compliance department and are wondering how the policies and procedures govern what you can do at ASEA, we have a breakout session designed just specifically for that question and we're also gonna have people at the convention to answer those questions of yours personally. Please come to the convention in September and find out more about how you can better build your business and get help from our compliance department.

Ben Tyler: I know some of you have wondered as you recruit people into your organization, how you talk about the money that can be made as you build your business with ASEA. You may know that there are certain regulatory agencies in the United States and around the world, most notably the Federal Trade Commission here in the US, but in other jurisdictions as well that scrutinize and regulate how you talk about the money that can be made. We have a breakout session at the convention in September that's designed just to help you through that process, to help you better understand what you can say, what you cannot say and how best to talk about the business opportunity. Please come to the convention in September and we would love to meet you and help you through this process.

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