ASEA 2023 Global Convention Speakers

August 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, I am Kim Marie Larsen, the senior vice president of Ethos Events and Recognition. I'm excited to be with you at the upcoming convention in Fort Worth, Texas, this September, I will have the opportunity to speak with you about the advancing life foundation and many of the initiatives that we've been working on and the amazing progress that we have had and the impact around the world through your donations to the foundation. Additionally, I will be speaking about the event strategy going forward and the amazing peak performance events that we will be launching at the event that you as our ASEA associates can earn next year. I hope to see you there in September at Fort Worth Texas. If you don't have your tickets, go to your virtual office and purchase your ticket. Now, if you can't join us in person, join us through the virtual tickets that are also on sale in your virtual office. Can't wait to see you in Fort Worth. Bye.

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