Amy McNeill for Patient Testimonials

October 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amy McNeill

Could you describe how it was working with Dr. Sullivan?

Amy McNeill: I've had a fantastic experience working with Dr Sullivan and the team at Artistry and Dentistry. I originally went to him a year ago because I needed help with sleep apnea and I ended up making the switch to doctor Sullivan being my dentist. Um and actually switch from a dentist I'd had for about 15 years. Um because of the treatment that I had with doctor Sullivan, I felt like he understood my overall oral health needs, but also my overall health needs and looked at it as more holistically and I really appreciated that.

How is Dr. Sullivan and Artistry in Dentistry different?

Amy McNeill: Going to Artistry and dentistry has been a very unique experience. I have had multiple dentists throughout my life and did not understand how fantastic the dental experience could be. You know, you walk into the office, you, it's very calming. You're given a, a hot towel, you're given paraffin wax for your hands, you're given chopstick um to make sure that your lips don't, don't crack while you're, you're, you're in the chair and it was just a completely different experience. I didn't even understand that it could be like that. Um And so I feel like that's a very unique thing that only can be found at Artistry and Dentistry.

Would you recommend Dr. Sullivan and Artistry in Dentistry to your friends and family?

Amy McNeill: I highly recommend Doctor Sullivan and the team of artistry and dentistry to all of my friends and family. It's worth the drive, it's worth even flying to. It's a completely unique experience.

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