Kandice Kidd for Customer Story Videos

March 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kandice Kidd

What made you choose Articulate 360?

Kandice Kidd: I picked Articulate 3 60 because I was really impressed with not only all of the applications that came with the articulate 3 60 subscription, but the training and as someone who was transitioning into e learning development without a background and instructional design or without formal education and learning technologies, I really was impressed with how much articulate, invested in, really training people to use these products and to be successful with them. So that was a driving force behind my selection of articular 3 60. And in addition, I worked for a not for profit. So I felt that the subscription really gave us the most bang for our buck with the number of applications that were available. So That is why I chose articulate 360 and I've never regretted my purchase.

Kandice Kidd: I'm candace kid. And the reason why I chose articulate 360 is because it offered the most bang for my buck being a non for profit manager of E learning, so I was going to receive a number of different apps and the subscription. But really the main reason why I chose it is because I had a fantastic um training subscription enrolled in the articulate the overall articulate 3 60 subscription. And that was really important to me because I was transitioning into E learning, particularly the development piece was one of my areas of weakness and I really felt that the training offered was so robust that I had no choice but to become really competent at using all of the different articulate products because the training that was offered was so well done and it was so much of it, whether it was webinars, articles, um links or re Different resources, even on social media, like linkedin or blog posts, I was really saturated by training opportunities and that was really the driving force for my selecting articulate 360

What do you like about Rise 360?

Kandice Kidd: Hm You know I like rise for a number of reasons but I think the primary reason is that it allows one to really start designing and developing of course really quickly. If you have a course that you have a very short window of time to develop, then rise really packs. And for you, not only the development features the very easy to use block format, but the design is already there is a very clean, sleek aesthetic. So you already will have a you would inherently have a beautiful design regardless of regardless if you do a lot of um refining or overt designed to it on your own. It's really already been designed for you to give you a beautiful looking, minimalist looking course. But I really see it as a fantastic rapid authoring learning tool And for that that makes it really my go to when I'm working on projects that really don't allow a lot of development time And I always feel confident that my sneeze and the individuals that I work with that I'm collaborating with will like the look of the course and the feel of the course because the work of the design um and the ease of it has all really already really been done for me. So that's one of my favorite things about it. I guess that wasn't one favorite. That was many favorites but that's why I like rise 360

Kandice Kidd: Well, the number of different reasons why I like rise um 360 and I think to sum it up, if I had to be really succinct what I like about it is that I really consider it a rapid authoring e learning to at its finest because right away when I started developing and rise, it already offers me a really great visual design. The aesthetic is very sleek and minimalist. The ease of the block types and texts are really easy to understand and follow and because it's so well structured, it allows for kind of instant creativity in some respects. But really one of the things that I love about rides is that because of how well designed the platform is and how easy it makes it to develop a course. I've never had a situation where a subject matter expert or an internal colleague that I was collaborating with did not like a rise design course right off the bat. It has been designed so out of the box to be so beautiful out of the box that more times than not even if I did very little development because of time restrictions, I'm confident that I can create an engaging course that will still meet the needs of the learners um, address the learning objectives and present a really polished looking course. So I really appreciate rise for that. Um, so to some of the ease of use, how quick it is to start and start and finish the development of a course and that is also add, there's always new features being added. So, um, I love working with Rice.

What makes Articulate 360 different from other products?

Kandice Kidd: I definitely think the thing that makes articulate stand articulate 360 stand apart from so many other products is the community that articulate through 60 has um aligned with it, that that's such a robust learning community and then the training that it offers makes it so unique. And I know that because as part of a certificate program, one of my courses required that I explore a number of different authoring tools and I downloaded as many trials as I could possibly access. But I noticed that articulate offered the most training even in its trial version that at the end of that I could have easily produced a course just by following the training, just by immersing myself in the community. Um just by reviewing the articles and the free e books and I can't say that I've experienced that level of community and resource resource availability if you will from any other product and of course as a as a structural designer and a one person E learning, managing E one person alerting, managing team, I have a number of different um subscriptions and software but that is what makes articulates than apart, not only is the product itself, a fabulous product or a series of products uh suite of products. Excuse me. But the training and the level of commitment that the articular 3 60 organization has to the success of its users, I would say is second to none

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