Doug Bateman - Advanced Aerobic Systems

March 03, 2023

Artic Pro Software Review by Doug Bateman with Advanced Aerobic Systems

Video Transcript

Speaker: Doug Bateman, Owner - Advanced Aerobic Systems

Please introduce yourself and describe how ARTIC PRO has helped your company:

Doug Bateman: My name is Doug Bateman. I've had a Septic system company since 1983 and For the past 40 years, I've been maintaining septic systems and I've done the gamut of in this process, I've used paper, I've had large maps and I've used different colored pins on those maps. When safe came along, it really made a great improvement. And now that I'm combining Arctic with Safe, I find that my bottom line has dramatically improved. I'm able to optimize the inspection process. I, since time is money, I'm able to save time in organizing the routes that we have to inspect every day in the office. And the roots are also optimized from a distance standpoint and that allows my tech to save fuel and, and do more inspections in any given day. Arctic has a lot of features and it, and these features help improve communication between the office, our techs in the field and our customers. If we have to, if we get a call during the day while the tech is in the field, we can easily redirect him and it goes right to his cell phone and he can manage that new update we can change routes instantaneously with our tech. It gives the tech almost the entire database of safe in his cell phone.

Doug Bateman: Uh Another big thing that arctic has done, it has allowed me to do more repairs I believe, than my competitors. I'm getting probably $2.50 for every dollar of a maintenance contract. I get $2.50 and repairs for every dollar in the maintenance contract. And that's because I have better communications between the office, my techs and the customers.

How has ARTIC PRO changed the way you work?

Doug Bateman: during the day when I come into the office, the first thing I do is turn on arctic Pro to review the inspections that were done the previous day and to see what needs to be done in the way of inspections today. Uh If I'm if I'm traveling out of town I can review the work that was done by opening up arctic Pro. I cannot open up safe because safe is only on one computer in the office, but I can check when I'm not in town or at my office, I can check to see what is being done, what has been done and what needs to be done. So it makes my job really easy.

How would you describe your overall feeling towards ARTIC PRO's customer service/support?

Doug Bateman: I am very happy with the customer support and service that the arctic pro team provides my company. When ever there is an issue, They are very responsive. They jump right on it and they fix it. And I've been using the beta program and there are occasional issues with it. But again, they're always resolved expeditiously. The other thing that I'm happy with is I've made suggestions to the arctic Pro team and they've responded by incorporating some of those into the system. They definitely listen to the feedback that the users in the field provide and it makes for an improved arctic Pro. So I'm very happy with everything.

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