Caitlin W for Conscious Conceptions Testimonials

March 16, 2023

Find out what makes Conscious Conceptions Fertility Coaching different.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Caitlin W

Could you describe how exactly working with Hillary helped your fertility?

Caitlin W: Hi, I'm Caitlin. And I just wanted to share a little bit about how Hillary has helped me in my fertility journey. My journey started around two years ago when I, my husband and I decided we wanted to grow our family. And at first I thought it was going to be fairly easy, so to speak. I had some hormone things going on but was working with a doctor and getting that squared away and was really hopeful that it would happen soon. Two years later, I am pregnant now. Um but it took those two years of waiting and patience and um working with Hillary really to get to the place that I am now. So the place that I am now is completely different and has transformed from the first day that I started this journey. And a lot of that is thanks to Hillary, I learned so much about um fertility being this inward experience this time in our life as women where we have the opportunity to learn about just what goes into the art of having a baby and becoming a mom. And Hillary has a wealth of knowledge and her conscious conceptions course, she teaches about the environmental factors that are associated with your health and your ability to even conceive. How your partner plays a huge role, spiritually and emotionally, how your thoughts control a lot of the narrative you have around your fertility. And for me, that was a big part of my transformation was changing that narrative that I can't get pregnant, which is what I believed after a long time of trying and not being able to conceive. So that was a huge gift that came out of my time and working with Hillary. And that's something that if you work with her will absolutely be one of the ways that you transform. Once you learn the teachings that she has here, they really are just invested and ingrained in who you are. And I feel like I'm going to be a better mom because of it. So, thank you Hillary.

What were some unexpected positive side effects you received that you weren't expecting?

Caitlin W: So some of the things that I experienced as a side effect of going through this journey and learning what I learned through Hillary um were one just watching my overall well being improve both personally and professionally. I kind of watched as I was learning these things about just who I am as a person in a way that I really didn't know before. It's like I was learning myself better. I was learning what my desires were where they came from. Um you know, conditioning that I had, that was just second nature to me that I didn't even think twice about that I was able to really reflect on and change some things that needed to be changed. And from there grow into a better human, into somebody who's kinder to myself. That being said, another side effect was the pressure came off. Like I was putting so much pressure on myself for a very long time to make this happen to just really like will this into action, right? And so overall just being able to be more open to possibilities instead of being in a lack and fixed mindset and thinking about the time that I used to call it my inability to get pregnant and then I look back and I refer to it as just the time in which I was trying to conceive because that's all that was happening. Mhm.

How is the the Conscious Conception Method different than other fertility programs out there?

Caitlin W: So, um there are a lot of programs and books out there that you can read on becoming a mom. But I think the one thing that they're all missing is the part where we stop and look at ourselves and we start with ourselves and we use that as the foundation from which everything else built. Um Since becoming pregnant, of course, I've read a few baby books and just, you know, parenting books and things like that and really none of them start with the person who will be raising the child. And that's such an important piece of parenting and everything in life that you do your relationship with your partner or your spouse, your relationship with your child or future child. It all is going to depend on how you are and the things that you do to um really exert authority over your own life. And this program will really help you examine all of the different components of yourself. So the five realms of fertility that Hillary teaches one of the first things in her course. Um going through each of those realms, the spiritual realm, the physical realm, the emotional realm, the relational realm and the material realm. And all of that provides opportunity for you to examine your stake your relationship with each of those things so that you can be set up positively in this journey towards becoming a parent. And once you are a parent, so I would say this takes you from, you know, before the start line and past the finish line. Um That's the best way I can describe it.

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