Dr. Ortega Client Testimonial For ARQ Marketing

October 03, 2022

Dr. Ortega Client Testimonial For ARQ Marketing

Video Transcript

Speaker: AJ Ortega, White Rock Orthodontics

What sold you on investing in lead generation with ARQ Marketing?

AJ Ortega: I was referred to ARQ Marketing by my practice coach a few years ago because I was looking for a company to help me with marketing and to help me with lead generation. I remember specifically that my practice coach had said, well, you know, it doesn't have to be expensive. There are a lot of fine companies out there, but ARQ Marketing is somebody who can do a very, very good job with lead generating, but it doesn't also have to cost a fortune. So that's what got me started down this road in with a relationship with ARQ Marketing.

Has anything exceeded your expectations since working with us? Or any unexpected benefits?

AJ Ortega: I love that all the social media and digital marketing goes on behind the scenes and every once in a while we get emails from ARQ asking for for input on some of the designs that they're doing, and they always do a fantastic job and I really have very, very few edits or suggestions for them. The other added benefit has been the the print marketing whenever we have a campaign that we want to do in the office and the team comes up with various ideas and we submit them to ARQ Marketing and they do a fantastic job with designing the print marketing, the posters, the business cards, whatever it is that we need in order to help supplement the the marketing event. Whether it's a local event, whether it's something we're doing for schools, whether it's something that we're doing inside the office, regardless, they do a good job of keeping it cohesive and support the campaign. They do a fantastic job.

What would you tell another practice who might be considering hiring ARQ Marketing?

AJ Ortega: I think you have to look at a variety of different factors when trying to find a good marketing company to work with. Not only of course are they gonna need to be responsive and as well as do really, really good work, but I think communication is also really important. So all of those things are found with ARQ Marketing. And the final result has been fantastic, which has been driving new patients to my office. And for that I really, really appreciate it and I'd say to any doctor looking for that. Check out ARQ Marketing.

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