Susan Kozens uses ARPneuro Therapy for relief from Plantar Fasciitis

January 31, 2023

Susan Kozens used ARPneuro therapy for relief from plantar fasciitis. After just a few sessions, she's experienced relief and has no further plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan Kozens

Susan Kozens: I was having pain in the bottom of my feet and could hardly walk and went to the doctor and he said it was plantar fasciitis. He suggested that I take a tennis ball and roll my feet over it. Or take my knuckles and dig my knuckles into my feet. And that didn't help.

Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

Susan Kozens: ARPneuro therapy has really helped. I had a few sessions and that's pretty much all I needed. And basically I've never had any issues with that again.

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