Shane Dorian Uses ARPneuro Therapy while recovering from Knee Injury

January 25, 2023

Professional surfer, Shane Dorian, discusses his success story using ARPneuro Therapy after an ACL tear.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shane Dorian, Pro Surfer

What made you decide to try ARPneuro Therapy?

Shane Dorian: Hello My name is Shane Dorian. I'm a pro surfer from Hawaii and a couple of years ago I injured my knee snowboarding and had to get full repairs on my ACL And MCL My left knee. And some friends of mine who worked at a clinic on the East Coast were able to send me an ARPneuro machine to use for a couple of months and um the results were amazing. I felt like it really helped my knee just heal a lot faster and heal a lot stronger. And I was able to get my quad muscle and my hamstring muscle back a lot faster. My muscles had atrophied quite a bit. So yeah I love the machine. If I was injured again I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks.

Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro Therapy.

Shane Dorian: So I used the ARPneuro machine for about two months straight. At the time because of the surgery, my quad and hamstring muscles had atrophied quite a bit. And I felt like with the exercises I was doing while using the ARP machine, I was able to get my quad and hamstring muscles back kind of equal to my other side, a lot faster, a lot stronger. And I had great results.

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