Sam Obitz discovered ARPneuro Therapy after a calf injury

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sam Obitz

Sam Obitz: Hi, my name is Sam Obitz and I first came across ARPneuro when I had an injury to my calf, and it was the only thing that helped it.

Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

Sam Obitz: The first time I used it, I went from barely being able to hobble and limp. After one thing, I was able to limp very comfortably, and after two sessions I was able to walk again. So I'm a big believer and it was hugely helpful.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

Sam Obitz: What makes the ARP wave different to me is that I get results every time I use it.

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