Jimmy Gillan Accelerates Hip Replacement Recovery with ARPneuro Therapy

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jimmy Gillan

Jimmy Gillan: I am a lacrosse coach for La Costa Canyon Mavericks and last year I basically tore up my hip and I had to get hip replacement surgery and I was fortunate enough to have very good P.T. and the ARPneuro was just amazing helping me get back in the game. It was one of those deals where you know, I'm a very active person and having that opportunity to get active again meant everything in the world to me, I did use an E stim from my P.T. that was assigned from the actual you know surgeon and everything and boy when I would use the ARPneuro, it was excellent, And then also, you know, it's enabled me to get back to my life to where I like it. I'm coaching again this season and more than that I love to ski and I was able to go skiing. Everybody said you have to wait a year while. I got it in May, it'll be a year in May that I got the surgery and by the beginning of january actually end of december, I did one january three times and I'm enjoying life. Having fun.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

Jimmy Gillan: I had the physical therapy that was recommended by my surgeon they had a different type of e-stim, you know stimulator and it works, it helped everything helps. But you know, there was quite a noticeable difference when I went to the ARPneuro it just basically seemed to relax the muscles and let me get take away any pain that you got from P.T. And I always worked quite hard outside of just PT. And being able to use that thing was a blessing.

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