Kevin Battistoni finds relief from Tendinitis and Severe Back Pain with ARPneuro

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Battistoni

What's your ARPneuro story?

Kevin Battistoni: Hi, my name is Kevin Battistoni And what turned me on to ARPneuro originally was I was suffering from some severe tendinitis in both of my arms, more so in the left than the right. But it got to the point where I couldn't even take the milk out of the refrigerator and a friend of mine referred me to Sam Battaglia and ARPneuro and this was three or four years ago and went through a number of treatments and it helped resolve the issue and it stayed away for some time. I recently went back to ARPneuro in September of 2022 when I threw my back out and I landed in the emergency room for a 24 hour duration, receiving a morphine drip. I couldn't move whatsoever. And I had to compete in an athletic event three weeks, 21 days after that event. So I went back to Dr Sam and ARPneuro had three treatments a week for those 21 days and I was able to compete and compete at a high level and I continue to do that to strengthen the lower back. I go a minimum of two times per week. I can't say enough good stuff about it, It's intense. You gotta learn how to shake hands with that intensity, but once you embrace it, the juice is well worth the squeeze, so I'm a fan and I'm gonna keep using it

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