Test Customer Product Review

May 16, 2023

Problem solved with our product

Video Transcript

Speaker: dom@chopitservices.co.nz

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you purchased our product.

dom@chopitservices.co.nz: Hi, my name is Dom. Uh, and I purchased this product because I wanted to use tiktok and it's also useful as a phone and to browse on the internet.

What has been your experience with our product so far?

dom@chopitservices.co.nz: Right. So this, this is literally amazing. It's like a computer in your pocket. So I carry it with me everywhere. Uh It, it's a, I mean, obviously it's a phone and I can s MS people with it. But as I said, you know, tiktok, youtube, Facebook has got these things which are just absolutely phenomenal and they keep me entertained for hours.

Could you describe your overall experience with Arona Consulting?

dom@chopitservices.co.nz: Right. Well, Orona Consulting is a great, great company to work with. I work with my partner Carlotta and, um, you know, we just get on, do the work and get paid that money. So, it's a pretty special thing. Thanks.

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