Irene - Customer Success Story

April 18, 2023

Customer Success Story. From Vulnerable to Secure: How Irene Achieved Cyber Essentials Plus Success with Armoryze.

Video Transcript

Tell us your story. What kind of challenges were you dealing with? How was your experience working with Armoryze?

Hello. I work for a small charity in Shropshire that works with a very sensitive, um, clientele. And before covid, we were sort of seeing our clients face to face. Um, but then obviously, with the advent of covid, we had to resort to other measures just so that we could keep them secure. Um, and safe. So we were using zoom and, MS teams and, mobile phone face to face, etc. Uh, a lot of IT technology was needed. And it it could have proved us to be quite vulnerable if we hadn't got all the correct, uh, infrastructure and, uh, in place. We went for, to get to cyber essentials. Plus certification and used Armoryze I personally, um, dealt with Ashish who gave me some good advice. Um, good support. And some great encouragement over our meetings that enabled us to be successful in obtaining the cyber essentials plus certificate. It gives us a great deal of confidence to know that we are doing the right thing for our clients, making them feel safe and secure. And also for our funders who, um, give us quite a lot of money, to make sure that we are, dealing with our clients in a safe and safe environment. so, making sure that we have got the, the cyber essentials with imperative, all around, for us, as an organisation, I can't thank Armoryze and Ashish enough for for all their great work in getting this achieved, so thank you.

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