Dr. Kim Kind - ArmiGard

August 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Kim Kind

What condition are your patients dentures, aligners and guards usually in... if not using ArmiGard?

Dr. Kim Kind: One of the services we offer at my dental practice is we will clean patients retainers or night guards or snore guards or their dentures for them. When they're here for their week care appointments, usually they're fairly dirty and have a lot of plaque and calculus build up. The patients are very thankful for this service.

ArmiGard delivers 6+ (99.9999%) kill of Candida Albicans and other pathogens. What are the dentures, aligners, guards like with ArmiGard?

Dr. Kim Kind: So once the patients started using armor guard appliance cleaner spray, it was quite amazing the difference in the cleanliness of the appliances. One of my patients retainer had picked up a green hue from mouthwash that she was soaking it in. And the at the retainer actually turned clear after she began using armor guard, I also personally use it for my own retainers. And I'm very impressed with how clean everything stays with the armored guard much better than with typical denture cleaners or um, even just toothpaste.

How important is it to break the chain of infection by keeping the dentures, aligners, guards clean?

Dr. Kim Kind: What dental appliances can harbor all kinds of pathogens that are unhealthy to have directly against the teeth or tissues. Having your dental appliances clean is very important to help improve the overall health of your oral cavity.

How have your patients responded to you making ArmiGard availble to them as part of your care protocol?

Dr. Kim Kind: We are relatively new to arm guard and having arm guard available in our office. However, patients who have purchased it are very thankful that we have this product available for them to use.

What would you say to other clinical professionals considering offerring ArmiGard in their practice?

Dr. Kim Kind: When I was initially approached by the Armor Guard representative to consider this product in my office, I admit I was a little skeptical. However, they gave me a bottle to try for myself and also some of my team members and all of us were super impressed with the product. So I am no longer skeptical and I would encourage you to give us a try. There are very few alternatives to a product like this and it's very easy to use with the spray and the appliances are very, very clean.

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