Beth Maresh for ArmiVet Woundcare Spray

September 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Maresh

What was the problem or issue you treated with ArmiVet?

Beth Maresh: I first used ArmiVet when a friend told me about it, my dog had been chasing a rabbit in the yard. She ran under a very large rose bush and came out with two huge wounds on her face. They were all the way down to the skin, the hair was missing. And I really thought that she would probably have scars for the rest of her life. But I used the ArmiVet, not only did those wounds heal, but there was no scarring and there is absolutely no evidence that she had even injured herself. It was absolutely amazing.

How have you addressed this issue/problem/condition in the past? How did that work out?

Beth Maresh: Many years ago, I had a dog who had received face injury and he had two deep wounds on his nose. At the time I treated that with an ointment. And he lived to be a wonderful age of 14, but he always had scars on his nose uh from that injury, they just never went away. Um I wish at that time there had been ArmiVet that I could have treated him with because he likely would not have had those scars for his entire life.

What happened (or was the result) of using ArmiVet?

Beth Maresh: When I used the ArmiVet on the wounds on my dog's face. Not only did those wounds heal, uh, there was no scarring, all of her hair grew back and there is no evidence that she had even injured herself. It was really quite amazing.

What advice would you give someone with a similar issue/condition to treat who is considering ArmiVet?

Beth Maresh: I would absolutely recommend ArmiVet to any friends who have a medical issue with one of their animals. In fact, after I used ArmiVet with my dog and saw the results, I immediately told my dog friends about ArmiVet, just so that they can have it on hand in case something does happen and they need it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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