EOY Parent Message of Gratitude

January 19, 2023

Parents share a message of gratitude after a record year for Arete Scholars.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael, Arete Scholars Parent

Parents share a message of gratitude after a record year for Arete Scholars

Rosalyn: Thank you to all the donors that support the Arete scholarship fund, It is a wonderful opportunity for families and students, and we are entirely grateful for all of your support.

Lisa: School in Augusta Georgia. We are so very grateful for the Arete scholarship. It gives my son the opportunity to attend a great Christian school. And we are so very appreciative and grateful for the opportunity. Without Arete, this would not be possible. So thank you, donors. Thank you all so very much. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Jennifer: attend Evangel. She's done so well and she has done nothing but thrive. Her grades are amazing and I couldn't be more happy that she's getting the education that she is getting and she is doing so very well.

Amanda: the donors to everybody. This has been life changing for, especially my oldest child, my son, whose father is not very involved. He has had a lot of male guidance that he is truly lacked in his 13 years of his life. And both of my children are thriving academically, socially, and I see the difference in them in their home life. And I'm truly thankful and I feel blessed. Thank you very much.

Tamika: So I would like to say to the people that donate those of you that give freely and willingly to the Arete scholarship program. I would like to thank you all and let you know that you all, each of you are a part of each child's success that receives an Arete scholarship.

Tiffany: So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Michael: We are just overly joyed and excited about this year and the years to come. Thank you!

Chase: So to all of those who contribute to the scholarship, please accept our gratitude and may God bless you for your continued service. Thank you.

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