Deise - What School Choice Means to Me

January 27, 2023

Arete Scholars parent, Deise, talks about what school choice and a scholarship from Arete Scholars means to her and her family.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Deise, Arete Scholars Parent

What does school choice mean to you?

Deise: School choice is super important to me because my son is on the autism spectrum. So he isn't always able to communicate with words. Sometimes he needs to communicate with gestures, sometimes through his iPad, sometimes through writing. So because we have the ability to choose our own School, he's able to go to an amazing school where it's only about five or six kids in the classroom and they can cater to his needs compared to in the public school where 30 kids in the classroom, one teacher trying to handle everything that's going around him.

How has school choice impacted your child?

Deise: Now, he loves, absolutely LOVES school. He'll ask me are we going to school, are we going to school? Even on the weekends. They work at his pace. They're not rushing him. They take their time to meet with him, talk to us, let us know what they can do to help us. And for that I'm forever thankful.

Why do you support school choice and organizations like Arete Scholars?

Deise: I support organizations like Arete Scholars because they have given me the opportunity to place my son in a school that I can only dream of before. If it weren't for Arete, I don't think that it would even be possible for me to have ever sent him to St. Therese Academy. I feel like everyone should be supporting these type of organizations because they are making dreams come true. They are allowing kids to get a great education, something that you can't always get in public schools. And for that, I'm forever thankful because you have changed the trajectory of his life just by being able to go to an amazing school and me being able to choose that school for him. So thank you.

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