CPA Tyler Johnson for Arete Scholars

December 07, 2022

CPA Tyler Johnson talks about the benefits of donating to Arete Scholars under Louisiana's Tuition Donation Credit program.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tyler Johnson, J&J CPAs LLC

Why do you and your clients participate in the Tuition Donation Credit program?

Tyler Johnson: My clients and I participate in the Tuition Donation Credit program because it is such a fantastic use of tax dollars in the community. Uh, the fact that I can take a state income tax payment and use that to fund scholarships for kids to go to the school of their dreams and pursue amazing education is an unbelievable opportunity and program. Um, I'm always so excited to present this to my clients and even more excited when they do decide to take advantage of it, it's something that I really believe in, and I'm just so thrilled that it exists.

How easy is it to participate in the Tuition Donation Credit program?

Tyler Johnson: Participating in the tuition donation credit program is extremely easy. You go online and you fill out basically just a simple form with your name, your address information, how much you're donating and then you go and either mail in a check with that form or you submit that form electronically and remit the payment electronically. And that's just to let them in the state know who is making this payment. And that way you can get credit for those tax credits. The state then issues you a form at the beginning of the year that functions basically as proof of the credit and you just submit that and attach it to your tax return. And that way you get credit for everything that you should. You also have the option to go ahead and designate schools that you particularly would like to see scholarships funded to. And that's as simple as just populating that box on the form as well. And just saying where you'd like them to try to designate those funds if the need and opportunity is available.

How long have you been working with Arete Scholars, and would you recommend our program to other CPA’s?

Tyler Johnson: I've been working with the team at Arete Scholars for over two years now. This will be my second year participating. My whole team is participating and we've been bringing it to our clients as well for two years now. Um, we highly recommend it to any CPAs out there that are just looking for a unique opportunity to be able to bring something different to your clients that are just, you know, making the same tax payments over and over again. And this will give them something more tangible that they can take, take their tax dollars and make it a traceable impact in their community funding, scholarships and increasing education in the communities that they know and love and in the schools that they know and love. I would highly recommend it to any CPAs out there. And also Arthur and Andrew are fantastic to work with the entire Arete team. So yes, would highly recommend

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