Shoutout from Jen Hawkins

June 03, 2022

Believe it or not, I met Jen Hawkins through business but now we're good friends. She's an amazing person and a terrific real estate agent here in Los Angeles.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer Hawkins, Realtor at Compass

Jennifer Hawkins: Hello working with julie and her team has been nothing short of just pure joy. The loan process can be something that's very hard to understand. It involves a lot of paperwork and it also involves a lot of stress because they're always spending so much money. But julie and her team have figured out the way of how to just make it fun. I mean spending that much money most people probably would never say is fun, but it is so fun to work with her team and not only is it fun, it's enjoyable and you feel really safe working with them because they truly are so knowledgeable. They've been doing this for so long and they're experts in their fields and I felt safe the entire time knowing that I was in such good hands, super communicative, which I think means a lot. You always want to know that there's someone that's going to be responsive answering your questions and also know that it's just somebody that is friendly and make something that is kind of a scary process, takes all of the nervousness out of it and turns it into an exciting opportunity. So I couldn't speak more highly of her team and julie especially and um, you would be doing yourself the world's biggest favor to get your loan through julie and her wonderful team because you will not only be able to get your loan but you'll get it in the greatest way and you'll make connections and contacts with her team that will last for a lifetime and continue to work with them to verify and just be able to do something that is a little bit more stressful, not stressful. And it builds your wealth and you get to do it with great people.

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