Shoutout from George Nakhla - Realtor at Beach City Brokers

May 10, 2022

The Aragon Lending Team always gets the job done

Video Transcript

Speaker: George Nakhla, Agent at Beach City Brokers

As an agent, how does the Aragon Team make your life easier?

George Nakhla: Um, they're great at communicating. They're always available. One of my favorite lenders to work with. Honestly, they always get the job done. Great customer service, great marketing material that everybody enjoys and just, you know, one of the best lenders in the game in my opinion. And they make the process super smooth. I usually never worry when I'm working with them, they keep everything straight up with us, let us know everything that's going on. And honestly Julia and her team, they just always get the job done and I can always rest assured in my deal is that everything is gonna be a smooth, clean and usually a quick transaction and that's, that's what I love about it.

What's the Aragon Team's superpower compared to other lenders?

George Nakhla: Honestly, I would say the way that they reach out to all the agents themselves, all the escrow companies themselves, every party themselves. You, you never have to call them. You never have to call julie and her team and ask them, hey, what's going on with this with this? That they're always just on top of it, one step ahead of everything, emails, text messages, everything, everything, everything. It's like, it's like the transactions with them are just always happening while you can as an agent, go on and do your thing and not worry like Julie, her team's got it. Like I just got a text here. I just got an email here. So to me that's a superpower and that's unlike anything that I've seen with any other lending teams.

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