Shoutout from Emily Sinclair

June 03, 2022

Emily is a breath of fresh air in the (often times) stuffy world of real estate. She's super smart but she also makes us laugh.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emily Sinclair, Agent at ACME Real Estate

Emily Sinclair: Oh, I have nothing but amazing things to say about Julie, Aragon lending and her entire Rockstar team of mortgage lenders. They are so fast, they are so efficient. They are fun to work with. They make mortgages fun. How do you do that? I mean, I just feel like she and everyone she works with. They're just like these nimble gnomes of loans and when you work with her you will know what I'm talking about. Um I just love every deal I do with julie and I appreciate her so much and you will too.

What's the Aragon Team's superpower compared to other lenders?

Emily Sinclair: julie's superpower. They are problem solvers. They know how to take 11th hour, you know pre qualifications churn them out even late, you know like on a friday or saturday night. Um They just work so fast and so efficiently. They dot all the I's cross all the T's and I've never had a bad experience. Um Yeah, I really feel like she might be superhuman.

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