Shoutout from Josh Stein-Sapir - Partner at Keyes Real Estate

May 09, 2022

Aragon Lending Team knocks it out of the park each time

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Stein-Sapir, Partner at Keyes Real Estate

As an agent, how does the Aragon Team make your life easier?

Josh Stein-Sapir: Uh, the reason why is because I work with a lot of lenders, I get solicited by lenders literally every single day I get a call. Um, and the reason why I keep working with Julie is because she knocks it out of the park every time now. Those just sound like buzzwords. But what I can tell you is her follow up is exquisite. It's very colorful. Um, but it's really engaging. So I know as a real estate agent, when I pass a client to julie and her team, I know that they're going to keep them engaged. They're gonna give them phenomenal advice. They're going to tailor the loan program for the specific buyer, which is ultra important. They don't, there's no one size fits all over in her shop. Um, she's incredibly responsive and has a, an uncanny ability to just get it done. I do a lot of business. And the last thing I want to have happen is have a deal fall apart because of the loan. And when I am doing a deal with julie and her team, it is one thing I do not have to worry about and it's really high stress doing what we do and to have someone who is ultimately reliable is, I mean, I actually shouldn't even be sharing all this because then you're gonna use her and then I'm gonna feel like I'm falling back in line. Uh, just kidding. She's great user and and she's the best

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