Shoutout from Adam Mahler

June 03, 2022

Adam is a local lender in Los Angeles who seriously knows his stuff. We love working with him and consider him a true partner.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adam Mahler, Agent at Compass

What's the Aragon Team's superpower compared to other lenders?

Adam Mahler: Hi everybody, my name is Adam Mahler and I'm a local realtor. If I was gonna say one superpower that Julie Aragon and her team have behind them, it's effective communication. They communicate better than any lender I've ever worked with. If you are tired of working with people who don't communicate with you, you have no idea how the process is going with respect to the loan. Look no further julie and her team, will keep you in the loop, keep you entertained as well during the process because they communicate both effectively and also in a very funny manner.

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