Shoutout from Adam Mahler - Realtor at Compass

May 17, 2022

Aragon Lending is very creative and humorous

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adam Mahler, Agent at Compass

As an agent, how does the Aragon Team make your life easier?

Adam Mahler: Hi everybody. My name is Adam Mahler and I'm a local realtor here in southern California. If you are looking for a lender, you cannot look any further or do any better than Julie Aragon and her team. I've done several deals with julie in the past and each one has been first and foremost successful. My clients went ahead and got the loan, They got the house very, very happy. But if I was to go ahead and rewind and tell you really two things about what I enjoy most about julie. The first one is like I said, she closes the deal. If she tells you she can close it, she closes it. Sometimes she even closes it faster, which is even more attractive to my buyers. And the second thing, which is probably as important as the first one is that she is an extremely effective communicator. Her and her team will go ahead and keep you in the loop. Every aspect of the loan, they'll go ahead and text you, they'll email, they'll call you. And then what's also great is that they're very creative with respect to how they communicate with you. So it's not just the traditional text message or email or phone call. They are very creative and humorous, uh, in the way that they go ahead and communicate with you and everybody that I've worked before or worked with Excuse me has always enjoyed it. If you're looking for a lender and you're looking for somebody who is great with communication, who gets you the deal that you want, who will go ahead and close the deal, You cannot do any better than Julie, Aragon and her team.

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