Anonymous for Froggy’s Lair Video Testimonials

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anonymous

When did you first run into problems with your Froggy’s Lair biosphere and can you explain what happened?

Anonymous: So I had my frogs since, February of 2022. I didn't notice much at first. All I noticed was one was skinnier than the other. He wasn't really active as much as the other one eating as much and it was just a little pellets that I thought we're good for them. And in November of 22 had him almost 10 months at this time he was hiding. I never really seen him. I've seen him the day before he passed. He was jumping like they do when they wanted food. So I didn't think anything of how skinny he was until I came in the next day and seeing that he was upside down and super skinny. He lived for a little bit. I put him in a shallow thing of water, got some shrimp after I found the frog group on facebook, got better information, but it was already too late for him.

How has this experience affected you/your family and what would you like people to know about Froggy’s Lair and/or their “biospheres”?

Anonymous: This experience is something that I mean, I'm not glad a frog had to die, but I'm glad it happened so that I know in future for future frogs that I will have, how to care for them I had two of these frogs and a tiny container back when I was 12 and they were just fine then. So I thought maybe they'll be fine now. So I could find a group and give better care to my remaining frog. And I think people need to know that these frogs are a lot more work than what froggy's lair says they are. They're not just two pellets each twice a week. Nothing with her tank except a water change every three months. No. You need to do a water change every every week. You need to test your waters to make sure it has a cycle. These biospheres do not have cycles. It says they do, but they do not and they're way too small for the bio load that the frogs carry and produce. It cannot keep up because the tank is way too tiny. But I'm glad I found the group and I'm glad I'm learning more. I will definitely get more frogs because my one frog is lonely and I mean, I'm kind of scared to get more. I want to make sure I'm doing everything right for her before I get more. So I know that I'm taking care of them as best as they're supposed to be taken care of.

Did you continue the hobby, and if so what does that look like for you now? What changes or differences are apparent? If no, briefly explain

Anonymous: I am continuing the hobby. I will get more frogs, but It's changed a lot. They went from that tiny tank to a five gallon tank and I will upgrade again to a 10 gallon tank because I want more than just two frogs. They, I've heard that they should be in a group of three or more. So a 10 gallon tank can hold three or more and I will probably upgrade even more. I've learned how to cycle a tank. I've learned how to properly care for them to test their water to change their water. And from what I learned, I can help other people learn how to do it.

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