Anonymous Froggy’s Lair Customers

March 02, 2023


Video Transcript

Speaker: Anonymous French Friend

When did you first run into problems with your Froggy’s Lair biosphere and can you explain what happened?

Anonymous French Friend: I ran into problems with my froggy's lair biospheres before I even purchased them, I formerly worked at a retailer that sold the biospheres and noticed many of the frogs were passing away. Despite following the care instructions provided. I took home my first biosphere in an effort to save the frogs inside. One of the frogs had passed away and been replaced with one from another tank. I had not been allowed to change the water or add any sort of ammonia detoxifying solution, as that was not part of the Froggy's Lair care guidelines. Upon bringing them home, I immediately changed the water and added C. Cam prime. By this time, I had already begun extensive research into african dwarf frog care and realized these biospheres were not a suitable environment. My second biosphere was purchased for the same reason, except two frogs had passed away within it, leaving only a single frog that was staying in undoubtedly tainted water. In both cases, I took the biospheres home in hopes of saving the inhabitants.

How has this experience affected you/your family and what would you like people to know about Froggy’s Lair and/or their “biospheres”?

Anonymous French Friend: This experience has affected me profoundly, both emotionally and financially, even though I transferred the frogs into a 10 gallon tank with a filter and heater, which is widely recognized as the proper habitat for ADF, my first frog passed away within months while the disease that caused her passing has not yet been confirmed, the experts and keepers I consulted with have strong suspicions it was the fungal infection known as mycobacterium. This disease is spread among frog populations that are exposed to contaminated water equipment or other infected frogs. There is no known cure and it can take months to appear. Heartbroken and angered by the loss of my frog, I begged my employer to stop carrying the biospheres and/or research their care. My complaints were not acknowledged, but I was still in good standing as an employee. I also posted on an online forum specifically for african dwarf frog care. Looking for insight into her untimely passing. While I did not mention my employer, I mentioned that she had been purchased in a froggy's lair. Shortly afterwards I was fired. No specific reasoning of any sort was given verbally or in writing. I had never once been written up or reprimanded while working at this retailer and had been frequently praised for my dedication up until the day I was fired. My coworkers and myself strongly suspect that my post regarding the passing of my own frog was the reason I was let go. However, there is no way to know for sure, since my employer would not provide any further information. I later had another frog pass away likely from the same disease. I lost my job and my beloved pets. While I cannot confirm either of these events are directly related to froggy's lair, I strongly suspect that is the case.

Did you continue the hobby, and if so what does that look like for you now? What changes or differences are apparent? If no, briefly explain

Anonymous French Friend: I have continued to keep african dwarf frogs, despite this heartbreaking experience. While I only have one surviving frog, she brings me great joy. Her 10 Gallon Aquarium has a filter heater and many live plants. Unlike her life in the biosphere, her water is now tested and replaced regularly. Instead of the froggy's lair pellets which contained corn products, her diet consists of frozen mysis and brine shrimp. Meal time is every other day. She has ample hiding spots that I made for her with the advice of keeping experts. Her tank consists of only large, smooth gravel to reduce the risk of injury or impaction from accidentally ingesting sand, which was a constant worry when she lived in the biosphere. I have acquired a small collection of frog safe medicines in case any problems should arise. Upon transfer to her larger tank, the change was immediate. She gained weight and was no longer malnourished. She became incredibly active and swims astonishingly fast. Her skin color darkened to a healthy gray, where in the lair it had been almost blonde. My frog even became friendly and will greet me at the front of the tank when I enter the room. Over the course of this journey, I have befriended keeping experts, ethical frog breeders, and amphibian enthusiasts. My frog receives constant love and attention and I continue to research all aspects of her care. I am so happy to have her in my life. The only thing I would change is not purchasing her or her sisters from froggy's lair. While I'm honored to have provided them with a wonderful, happy life. Two of those lives were cut short by a disease that I cannot yet confirm but personally believe to be spread by froggy's lair.

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