Andrew Moore Google Applied ML Summit Speaker Videos

June 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Moore, General Manager, Google Cloud AI & Industry Solutions

Please introduce yourself, your organization and your thoughts on the Applied ML Summit.

Andrew Moore: Hello my name is Andrew Moore. I am the General Manager responsible for Artificial Intelligence and Industry Solutions within Google Cloud. I've been very lucky in lots of ways. I started out in Artificial Intelligence in the early 1990s and so I had the chance to interact with the giants who founded this whole field. People like Karen Spark Jones, Herb Simon and Nils Nilsson who if they were watching where we are today, they would be really proud and thrilled that so many ideas from the last few decades are turning into beneficial products. But we all have a huge responsibility in making it so that these ideas as they turn into products are safe, do not reinforce societal biases and actually work. Especially Artificial Intelligence is not about making the next cool YouTube video of an experiment. Artificial Intelligence is about putting in place the grungy, serious, industrial, long running machine learning systems which are cool. But they come with huge responsibilities and that's what we'll be discussing in this event. Thank you.

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