GKE Turns 6 with Dave Bartoletti

September 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Bartoletti, Outbound Product Manager, Google Cloud

What is your role?

Dave Bartoletti: I'm Dave Bartoletti and I'm an outbound product manager on our kubernetes products GKE and Anthos. I helped guide the direction of those products and I help explain their value to customers and the market.

Explain GKE to a 6 year old.

Dave Bartoletti: Well, every six year old I've ever known is very particular about what they eat, what it looks like, what it smells like, what size it is, what temperature it is, what color it is. Imagine if everything you like to eat was made for you the same way, no matter where you were at home, at your friend's house, at your favorite uncle's house or at school, kubernetes is sort of like a chef that follows you around and can make recipes the same way no matter where you are. So you can tell kubernetes make it like this and kubernetes makes it so.

What excites you about GKE? What do you think the future will be for businesses using GKE?

Dave Bartoletti: I think what excites me the most about GKE is that you don't need a PhD in kubernetes anymore to get the most value out of it. GKE just keeps getting easier to use, easier to set up, easier to scale, easier to repair, easier to optimize. Make sure you're saving money all the time if you want all the knobs to optimize it yourself there there. But if you don't you can use Autopilot mode and let us make some smart decisions for you. Like how to make sure you're using auto scaling properly or automatically scaling nodes and pods properly. How to make sure you have strong security in place. From the outset, from day zero on how to set up smart networking. We're packaging more and more of the best open source components from the industry for configuration management for observe, ability, traffic management, development pipelines and we're making them available is managed services so you can let google be your kubernetes operator

What is your advice for folks getting started with K8s/GKE?

Dave Bartoletti: if you're just getting started, try it out. We have a free tier to help you get started with some great tutorials. second, try it out with something that matters to your business. Ask yourself what can we pilot that will make the biggest impact on our customers? And third, make it a party invite, someone from security, someone from applications, someone from the business, someone from infrastructure and operations. There's something in GKE for every one of these stakeholders. containers by themselves aren't interesting containers full of massively cool software running at massive scale fixing themselves when they break. That's interesting.

Who is your favorite GKE customer?

Dave Bartoletti: Mhm. Well, I'd never pick a favorite GKE Customer, but one that's close to my heart as a New Yorker who's currently hiding out in California for the last 15 years, is the New York City Cyber Command. This amazing organization works with city agencies to make sure all the technology systems they use are designed, built and operated as securely as possible. The New York City Cyber Command chose a cloud first zero trust approach on google cloud and they use GKE to make sure important applications are highly available. Makes me proud. GKE can help the cyber command keep New York safe and secure.

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