Collar Group + Apositive Payroll

October 05, 2021

Payroll Management for recruitment agencies and labour hire businesses. Apositive's payroll solution is worth its weight in gold.

Video Transcript

Ephram Stephenson: those ideas, a APositive, gives me the confidence to be able to go out to market and actually look at new solutions, new markets to penetrate new revenue streams, you know, as well as APositive piece and hope, you don't mind me speaking about this Darren, but you've also got the,

I look back at my other businesses and one of my biggest um headaches, that's always because he's been payroll, you know, you look at a lot of these startups, they're going through several payroll managers, several accounts people, several basically bookkeepers, they are, so for me, when I was speaking to Darren about, okay, I want to scale, but these are the concerns that I've got, he's actually come back to me with a solution that is now basically being taken out to market, but for me to know that I've got that support and that Darren's actually got my interest not only as an individual, as an entrepreneur, but obviously, let's be honest, as a business and it's commercially viable for everyone. I think that in itself is it's worth its weight in gold.

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