Paidy testimonial

September 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Felix Beatty: bit about yourself. I'm Felix Beatty. I've been in the industry for the past two decades and I'm the CISO here at Paidy in Japan.

Why did you partner with APIsec?

Felix Beatty: Historically when you think about it, there used to be the legacy security scanners which were looking for vulnerabilities by poking and address IP for example. However, with the exponential growth of API and the movement around an API for everything, it made sense for us to partner with APIsec from the early beginnings of their success. It also given us an opportunity to expand our coverage and reduce our risk footprint.

What is the biggest value you've received from APIsec?

Felix Beatty: Some may think that ticking a box that we have a tool is all right. However, the true value comes from being able to scan your API for vulnerabilities and this continuously and report on it while your Dev team is making changes in the background so you can instantly capture defects. In addition it allows for personalization and customization and do have great support. You can also test with RBAC role based access for anonymous different users and admins if needed.

What's the biggest surprise working with APIsec?

Felix Beatty: Although there are many I think the one which really sticks out was to see the fast evolution of the platform, what new features being added to meet the growing demand but also match evolution of the attack landscape.

What organizations would you recommend use APIsec?

Felix Beatty: Sure, that's an easy one. Any business which has one or multiple APIs for their applications or services who is thinking about what would happen if the API would get compromised. Better be proactive than reactive. Think about it, think about the evolving threat landscape. Jump in the wagon, get your API security tested today.

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