Apigee Integration

September 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vikas Anand, Head of Product - Business Application Platform

What can you share about Apigee’s latest launch?

Vikas Anand: Today, we are extremely happy to announce the availability of Apigee Integration, an offering which will help API developers to integrate Systems of Engagement with Systems of Record in an accelerated way. Besides this, we're all for developers so you're going to hear more from us at Next about our support for GraphQL as well as enhancements that we've done for API Lifecycle Management as well as SDLC support. An exciting day for us today.

How does Apigee integration change the game for developers and enterprises?

Vikas Anand: To quickly summarize the benefits an API-first approach: 1) Improve developer productivity. 2nd is increasing time to market. 3rd is reducing the risk of failure. You can continue to offer enriched new experiences with the consistency like never before by having API management and integration offered under a unified developer experience as well as management experience.

Where can others learn more?

Vikas Anand: Thanks for listening in! If you want to learn more about Apigee Integration or our investments in GraphQL, SDLC support for APIs, and what else we're doing for developers, please look up our blog at cloud.google.com/blog. And of course - join us at Next in October, where we talk about many new offerings from Apigee, including Apigee Integration, and we're joined by our customers, in this case, ATB Financial, talking about how they're looking at an API-first approach for delivering integration in their organization. Thank you so much for listening in and have a nice day wherever you are.

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