Natascha's Testimonial

July 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Natascha, social media manager

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose to work with Ebube

Natascha: Hello there. I'm Natasha from Belgium. And I uh choose to work with because I was looking for some custom notion templates. Um And his, his expertise was, was uh really, really good actually. And he was able to design uh a notion template that was exactly aligning with my uh requirements and what I was looking for.

Could you describe a time that Ebube helped you?

Natascha: So my requirements were quite specific as I was looking for a contents calendar for my social media business. And I needed like a content calendar that I could use for various clients. And so like a client's portal. Um but that each individual client couldn't actually see the content from other clients. So it was quite specific and he really nailed it and was able to design exactly the template that I needed. Um So he definitely has helped me a lot. Um Since the time I am working with him.

How would you describe Ebube in three words?

Natascha: So if I would have described it would be, I would describe him as um qualitative because his work is um like his templates are very, very qualitative professional and also friendly because he's a very friendly person and he really wants to get um into the bottom of exactly what you're looking for and then cus um customize um customizes, added the notion templates um really specifically to what you're looking for. So that's the three words. Um I always describe him um as

Why is he different from others and what did you like the most about his work?

Natascha: He's different from other notion, template designers in the sense that he really wants to give it a unique touch. For example, he asked me like, specifically what is my team or what is like special at my about my brand? So he could, in my case, it was coffee related. So he gave like um like the icons and the covers and things like that, like a specific coffee team which I really like. So it's not just like um a functional and really specific notion design on itself, but it also has a custom design as well, which I really appreciate. So, in that sense, um I really feel like he's uh different from other notion designers.

Would you recommend him to others?

Natascha: I would really recommend him to whoever is looking for um a notion template designer who can really tune into uh what you're looking for and really make a custom um template like advanced features and automation and things like that. And I also have like a custom design that matches your brand guidelines. So, so yeah, I would 100% recommend him and I'm really happy with his work. And um so yeah, definitely hire him if you need a good template designer.

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