NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 03, 2023

Video Transcript


Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose to work with Ebube

NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO: I am a, I meet him in the Facebook community. He offered to help me. He was the only person who understood what I wanted. And that, uh, that's awesome. Uh That's why I did the project with him.

Could you describe a time that Ebube helped you?

NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO: He helped me with an ocean project that I could do the, the, the project so difficult to me, you know, he do this project beginning at the end, help me. Uh how can I do with the, with the project, you know? Great, awesome. And I like it very nice. Uh This guy is awesome.

How would you describe Ebube in three words?

NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO: Fast, helpful, absent. Uh This is three words I can describe.

Why is he different from others and what did you like the most about his work?

NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO: He was quick and efficient. He understood what I wanted. He was helpful in addiction to be, to being very good at what he does, you know. Uh, this guy is awesome. Very quickly. Incredible.

Would you recommend him to others?

NATA DOUGLAS COUTO PERFEITO: Of course, I recommend it to everyone. They can, he deserves very efficient, very quick, very efficient, you know.

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